Bobby crash moons
Caption: Bobby in "Crash of Moons"
Portrayed By: Robert Lyden
First Appearance: Beyond the Curtain of Space
Last Appearance: The Trial of Rocky Jones
Affiliations: Space Ranger

Bobby was a Junior Space Ranger for the Office of Space Affairs on Earth. He was frequently part of Rocky Jones' crew aboard the Orbit Jet, and later the Silver Moon.

Bobby was the ward of Professor Newton. Bobby's last name was never mentioned in the series. Their exact relationship was never explained in the series. Was Bobby a relative? Was Bobby the Godson of Professor Newton? Bobby was sometimes refered to as "Little Bobby", which was more than likely a reference to his height; but could also have meant he was "Bobby Jr.". Was he the first child born to a young family involved in the original construction at the begining of Space Affairs Headquarters? Or was he the son of an unlucky Space Affairs mechanic who died in a tragic accident, and had been given a free Space Ranger education as a way of compensation? Was he the son of one of Professor Newton's assistants who died in a tragic expirament? Whatever his origins, it does not seem to have affected his optomistic outlook. In fact, Bobby seems to have thrived in an environment where parental guidance has been delegated to a series of adult "friends".

Bobby certainly appeared to have been well known and well liked by everyone at the Office of Space Affairs Headquarters. He certainly seemed to have been around Space Headquarters long enough to have been granted special access and privilages. (Able to just walk into Space Affairs Headquarters for a casual chat.)

Professor Newton's established close friendly relationship with Rocky Jones seems to have resulted in Bobby's easy adoption as a part of Rocky's extended family and crew.

Bobby was always a valued member of the crew, and was often allowed to travel with Rocky in leu of much needed equipment and gear to compensate for his shipboard weight. (Sometimes claiming to be enemic, just to be able to justify going along!).

Bobby continued his Junior Space Ranger schooling (often overseen by Vena Ray) aboard the rocket ship during his long journeys throughout the known cosmos. Bobby's happy positive take on things often helped to cheer and encourage the disheartened crew in times of crisis.

As a plot device, Bobby was as much a cause of many of the crew's adventures, (stowing away, or being kidnapped) as he was the source of their success, (crawling though some duct work to turn the oxygen back on, or dropping a heavy wrench onto the head of a villianous cronie). His selfish acts were dressed down by captain and crew; and his heroism was praised and rewarded! And in the end, no one could remain mad at Bobby for very long, during the show's original year and a half run.

It would have been interesting to have seen Bobby come into his own over the course of the series, and perhaps even get his own ship to pilot one day!

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