Cleolanthe (correct spelling) is the suzerain, or queen, of the moon known as Ophicius.  Vain, scheming, and self-centered, she is the major villainess for most of the Rocky Jones series.  Finally, in the "Crash of Moons" story arc, she is forced to come to her senses, when it is determined that the moon Posito is now on a collision course with Ophicius.  She attempts to destroy Posito in an effort to save Ophicius, but Rocky and his cohorts foil her plans.  She finally agrees to have her people evacuated to another world to escape the now-inevitable destruction of Ophicius by Posito.  As the last ship prepares to leave, she declares that she will remain on Ophicius and die with it, rather than admit to her people that she was wrong.  Her assistant, however, refuses to allow such a foolhardy couse of action on her part, and he literally picks her up and all but drags her aboard Rocky's ship, which is about to take off.  She watches in grief and despair as Posito crashes into Ophicius, utterly destroying them both.  Only the wise words of Bovaro, ruler of the former Posito, help her to understand that she and her people now have a chance for a new and better life.  She thereupon sincerely repents of her old ways, and  thanks both Rocky and Bovaro as the Silver Moon travels on to the new world that has been chosen as the site for a new Ophicius.

The character of Cleolanthe was portrayed by Patsy Parsons, a former child star from the 1930's and 40's.  Like most child stars, she had increasing difficulty in finding adult roles.  The "Crash Of Moons" story arc marked the final appearance of her character in the series.  After the cancellation of "Rocky Jones," she made only one more appearance as an actress, in an episode of Ivan Tors' "Science Fiction Theater" series, after which she retired from acting altogether.  Soon afterward, she married a banker in Southern California, and worked at Pepperdine University for several years.  She spent her remaining years as Executive Director of the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, whose membership increased eight times over through her efforts.  She died of a heart atttack at her home in 1986, at the age of 75.  A scholarship fund was established to honor her memory.