Official Films was the distributor of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. It was founded in 1939 by Leslie Winik. Official Films was the first syndicator of theatrical cartoons for television. They also syndicated live action programs such as My Little Margie, and The Adventures of Robin Hood.

In 1956, Official Films re-released the three-chapter episodes of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger as television movies under new titles. This was only possible due to the fact the show was shot on 16mm film. These are widely thought to be the first ever tv movies - certainly the first syndicated movies.

Many of the movies have different title cards and edited opening and closing music. On some, Scotty Becketts name had been removed! The three part episodes ran at 78 minutes, and the movies ran at 73 minutes.

In the movie Beyond the Moon, there is additional footage not seen in the tv episodes!

The movies were again rereleased again in 1965, and many can be found on DVD today.