Ranger Clark is the first off world Space Ranger we get to meet in the Rocky Jones Series!

Ranger Clark
Ranger clark
Caption: Ranger Clark in "Rocky's Odyssey"
Portrayed By: William Hudson
First Appearance: Beyond the Curtain of Space
Last Appearance: The Trial of Rocky Jones
Affiliations: Space Ranger

Ranger Clark was a Space Ranger. He was coordinating radio communications aboard Space Station RV5 when Secretary Drake made the announcement that Rocky Jones and crew were officially missing in action ("Rocky's Odyssey").

Ranger Clark made the most appearances of any other Ranger during the series. Be it manning the radio ("Rocky's Odyssey"), refueling a space ship ("Beyond the Curtain of Space"), affecting repairs ("Cold Sun"), or getting roughed up by space pirates ("Cold Sun"), Although strangely overly obsessed over the Orbit Jet's repairs, Ranger Clark was always well versed in the appropraite space knowledge to get the job done!

Be sure to look for his big overacting scene in "Vena and the Darnamo"!