Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Created By Roland D. Reed
Cast Richard Crane
Sally Mansfield
Robert Lyden
Scotty Beckett

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was a short-lived television series created by Roland D. Reed. Conceived in 1951, a pilot was filmed in 1952. Following some re-casting, the series proper went into production in 1953 and began airing for the first time on television in 1954.

The series chronicled the exploits of Rocky Jones, an heroic Space Ranger, as he battled villains in outer-space. It is notable for being the first real "space opera". Shot on film, (which was rare for television at the time) it is remarkably well-preserved and complete compared to other science fiction shows produced during that time. Its optical effects and production design were groundbreaking and the series established many ship design principles that would by staples in science fiction in the following decades: such as the large forward view screen; the automatic sliding doors; and the radarvex you peered into for a read out, for example.

The series would go on to spawn a short series of successful Comic Book adventures and many of the episodes would later be edited into longer Movies which aired on television in 1956 and in later years.


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