Caption: Winky in "Bobby's Comet"
Portrayed By: Scotty Beckett
First Appearance: Beyond the Curtain of Space
Last Appearance: Crash of Moons
Affiliations: Space Ranger

Winky was a Space Ranger working for Earth's Office of Space Affairs. He often served as co-pilot and navigator to Rocky Jones aboard the Orbit Jet.

Althought it was never revealed how Winky and Rocky met up, it is clear that the two of them are life long friends. Winky is often found sleeping when he should be awake. He is an opportunist, and fancies himself a romantic. In "Crash of Moons", even the leader Bravaro has trouble finding praiseworthy qualities in Winky, and settles on "a huge heart" - which is an apt description of Winky. Rocky puts up with Winky's lazy shiftlessness and failed womanizing, and in return Winky is always there when Rocky needs him most! Indeed, it is Winky's loyalty to Rocky Jones and the rest of the crew that makes him a lovable schmuck - a very necessary quality in a good sidekick!

Winky is often used for comic releif, and his sense of humor while odd, is likable. He is quite typical for the "goofy best friend and hanger on" sidekick character that was popular in the '50's.

Winky's last name is never mentioned; and while it is quite obvious that Winky is not his first name (nicknames were quite big in the '50's, and this one seems to imply his womanizing traits.); seldom anyone - including Secretary Drake - uses anything but Winky when addressing him!

Although Winky was a good pilot in his own right, Rocky Jones was definately his superior!

Winky did not appear in season two of Rocky Jones. Scotty Beckett was being held in Mexico and unable to return to the country for a period of time. Winky is explained away in the series by Ranger Marshall, saying that Winky was searching for the missing Rocky Jones and Bobby in another part of space ("Blast Off"). Winky is later replaced in season two by an exchange navigator/ co-pilot from Herculon ("Cold Sun").